Calendario 1ª y 2ª evaluaciones.

  • 1ª evaluación: finalizará el día 5 de diciembre de 2017, las sesiones de evaluación se celebrarán los días 11 y 12 de diciembre. Entrega de boletines a la última hora del día 22 de diciembre.
  • 2ª evaluación: finalizará el día 9 de marzo de 2018, las sesiones de evaluación se celebrarán los días 12 y 13 de marzo. Entrega de boletines a la última hora del día 23 de marzo.





Proyecto Comenius 2009-2010  


El Instituto Miguel de Cervantes, lleva ya tres años realizando un intercambio de estudiantes con la ciudad noruega de Kongsberg. El último se están realizando como parte de un Proyecto Comenius financiado por la Unión europea. Este proyecto, que abarca dos años, está coordinado por Mercedes León Ramos y en él participan también las profesoras Nuria Manrique Morá, Francisca Pérez Román y 21 alumnos y alumnas de Bachillerato. La visita a Kongsberg se ha realizado en septiembre de 2010 y los noruegos, alumnado y profesores, nos visitarán en abril de 2011. Si quieres saber más del proyecto, visita nuestro blog.

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Ver vídeo realizado por alumnos del IES Miquel de Cervantes

Granada –Kongsberg, 1st of March 2010

Here we are- the students and teachers, who are going to travel to Norway, to show Norwegian students and their school what our society is like and to learn about their society.

Sixteen and seventeen year old boys and girls with an aim in mind to travel to a far away country will use their English in order to share ideas on topics such as culture, history, monuments, environment and role of men and women in our societies. In addition the students will enjoy time with their host families while having to use English language in everyday situations while being in the country.

It was two years ago when we first started these exchanges that have led to this Comenius project.

We first heard about our Norwegian partners through an e-mail that was sent to us. We started writing and reaching agreements on language practising and visits in both countries what was the basis for our first visit.

On the second year we knew there was a new world in front of us- Spanish and Norwegians teachers and students, guidelines for school and family life ,visits to the city and writing a diary of students´ experiences were worked on the spot.

Still we knew there was more to our societies than that and here we are trying to deepen the knowledge of two distant but close societies. The students from both countries want to learn from each other to establish links of common communication.

Our first two visits were in February so we enjoyed a freezing cold weather that we fought with warm boots and clothes. It was an experience coming from the south of Europe to northern freezing weather!

This year we will visit them in September to enjoy the beautiful landscape we know exists there under the snow.

There is also another picture to be added to this introduction, our Marta, our Estonian Comenius student that every week helps the Spanish students in the development of their topics in English and guides them with searching for information.